Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Organizers: RESCUEHOUSE Foundation, Water Rescue Ltd. (Ratownictwo Wodne Sp. z o.o.), Water Rescue Operational Group (GORW), Water Voluntery Rescue Service (WOPR) We have the great pleasure to invite you to participate in the first ever International Polish Rescue Cup – GARMIN RESCUE HEROES.

 The competition will be held on July 24-25th, 2022 in Mielenko (West Pomeranian), Poland. 

We welcome you and your delegation to come to the event . 

Final registration will take place at July 15th.

Looking forward to seeing you in Poland!



  • Name: International Polish Rescue Cup – Garmin Rescue Heroes 2022
  • Date and place: July 23-24, 2022, Mielenko (West Pomeranian – Poland)
  • Organizers: RESCUEHOUSE Foundation, GORW, Ratownictwo Wodne Sp. z o.o., WOPR
  • Title sponsor: Garmin Polska
  • Competition rules: based on the official ILS Competition Rule Book (competitions played on the basis of the official ILS regulations, but adjusted to the possibilities and resources of the organizer – it concerns the number of starting tracks and the distance)
  • Competitions (4 individual and 4 team):
  • running – swimming – running – individual
  • board race – individual
  • beach run 1 km – individual
  • beach flags – individual
  • surf teams race – team
  • rescue tube rescue – team
  • board relay – team
  • beach relay race – team
  • Participants: National teams, club teams, lifeguards and members of water rescue organizations. Competitors who are under 18 on the date of the competition start are required to submit a written permission to participate in the competition from their legal guardian.
  • Classification: Team (female, male or mixed), Individual – Youth (15-18 y.o.), Open (16+ y.o.), Masters (above 30 y.o.) – on or before 31st December in the year of the competition.
  • Registration: via email or here TEAM & INDIVIDUAL
  • Costs: participation in the competition is free. Participants cover the costs of transport, meals and accommodation.
  • Equipment: the organizer provides equipment for the competition: rescue boards, rescue tubes.
    It is allowed to start on your own equipment.
  • Competition attire: organizer provides starting tops. Competitors from the same team shall wear identical swim caps (securely fastened under the chin) in each event – according to ILS guidelines.
  • Competition arena: According to ILS guidelines. Beach in Mielenko. The exact location will be announced soon.
  • Prizes: Winners of each competition will receive medals. The top 3 teams (females and males) winners of the individual classification (women and men) Youth, Masters, Open will receive cups. First teams (female and male) will recive GARMIN Istinct 2 smartwatches!
  • Accommodation (recommended): Baltin Hotel & Spa (
  • Additional information: competitions are held on the occasion of World Drowning Prevention Day.


competitions played on the basis of the official ILS regulations, but adjusted to the possibilities and resources of the organizer